invading ourspace’s taken me a while to get around to complaining about this, but the 2008 presidential candidates now have MySpace pages. This is the most pathetic attempt at connecting to the common man to which we’ve been subjected in the history of American politics. Hyperbole or not, it’s bizarre to go to Hillary’s page to find her “Top 16” and read the thousands of comments little MySpace-addicted teens have left wishing her luck.

GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!We need a real woman like you to lead our country. – Susan

thank you for the add. i am so proud to have you as a friend! you are a great role model for all women. seriously, you’re incredible. – Aglorophobia

i’m not old enough it vote but you tottaly have all my support! =) – Haileh.

I’m sure she checks her page hourly to see the adorable comments left by her underage supporters. Ooohhh, maybe if I send her a private message she’ll reply to me personally! We can discuss her various podcasts…oops, I mean “HillCasts,” each one of which is more fascinating than the last. The giant “I am not only voting for Hillary, she’s my friend!” button just screams good taste and compels me to add her as my buddy.

I don’t want to give the impression that it’s just Hillary to blame here, even if I do think she’s the spawn of Satan. The other main candidates have them as well, and they’re equally unnecessary. Some, like Rudy Giuliani, have their settings such that you must add them as your friends before you can see their profiles. John McCain even has his little biography filled out, so now I know he’s just like me since he’s a Virgo whose favorite movie is Viva Zapata (“long live shoe”?) and he enjoys “sports” as well as “boxing, basketball, football, and baseball.” Well, I thought he was like me until his campaign contributors neglected to list soccer in their all-inclusive athletics list.

I’m not sure who came up with this idea of candidates as friends. If it was MySpace itself, then its attempt to exploit its popularity to gain political influence just makes my list of reasons for despising the “social networking” behemoth one item longer. If it was the idea of an individual candidate’s groupie and all of the other candidates followed in turn, then it reinforces my belief that a presidential candidate will stoop as low as possible to gain one additional vote. The whole idea is worse than the concept of MTV News, because the people who frequent MySpace are just naive enough to actually accept the rosy profiles as truth.

14 thoughts on “invading ourspace

  1. ha, i have an old mp3 of a man pretending to be bill clinton singing that song with the words modified to discuss bombing iraq. i wonder if mccain heard that sound bite before he made his joke?

  2. First off, I laughed a little because you have a myspace.,,2-13-1443_2102112,00.html

    And I had just read that article. This further indicates why sites like myspace will fail. Politicians are not “cool”, and no one expects, nor wants, them to be.

    Maybe though, we will get a President eventually that is honest and open with his actions, beliefs, and plans. Because the one who has reigned~ for the past 6 years has done no such thing. I liked his reasons for not using email, especially after all the shady business that goes down in his cabinet. Does Bush have his own myspace? Or is he afraid that someone might make a bad post on his wall and tarnish his great reputation?

  3. yeah i figured someone (either you or daniel) would bring up that i have a myspace: a myspace which i didnt make for myself, and a myspace which i don’t use. i dont see that it discounts what i’ve said though, and i also find it humorous that you find every opportunity to express your displeasure with our current President.

    so ill just exercise my right to say that i like Bush and appreciate the things he’s tried to do for our nation. 🙂

  4. That is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. MySpace is taking over the freakin’ world. Oh, and don’t get me started on Hillary. What has this world come to that potential leaders of the free world and the nation’s highest office are “networking” with teenagers who are probably not even interested in politics. Why not quit your stupid Fox News boycott and push your agenda and campaign the right way. Rudy would have his profile set to private.

  5. You shouldn’t point fingers at me expressing dismay about our current president when you do the same when talking about Hillary. Don’t get me wrong, though. A woman president?!

    I do think that it is a clever move by the candidates to use the social networks to try and get votes. It’s free. And it influences the younger crowd to a) vote and b) vote for them. However, a large portion of the users probably a) aren’t 18, b) registered, or c) going to vote. In its own way, it’s a lot like rappers wearing shirts saying “Vote or Die” to influence black people to vote. Does it work? We will have to wait and see!

  6. i do believe this is the first time i’ve mentioned hillary (positive or negative), but whatever. i still think this is a cheap ploy which is, at the least, unnecessary and somewhat unprofessional.

  7. invest some time (or, actually, don’t) studying communications.

    you’ll find that in the pr/advertising sphere, any ploy (cheap, unnecessary, unprofessional or otherwise) is going to be used.

    this is true in business, too. except instead of ploys to garner attention, they are ploys to maximize profit.

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