it makes you think I was driving down the street the other day, I realized something: every day, a lot of stuff happens that doesn’t happen every day. Stay with me…maybe it was the disheveled man urinating on the dumpster in plain view of the busy intersection, or maybe it was the 18-wheeler that almost rear-ended the car a mere twenty feet behind me a few hours later, but it doesn’t even take such bizarre events to provide a unique feeling of “flavor” to a day.

Later, I turned into my neighborhood behind two other cars, and at the first cross-street one car went left, the other went right, and I continued down the middle. Now this may seem trivial, but the thought occurred to me that such an event will probably never happen again. With only six or seven houses on either side street, the odds were just statistically astronomical that all three vehicles would be synchronized like that (particularly since it was midday and we came from different directions, not having just left work or some other simultaneous event).

Thinking about the little things can be interesting or insanity-inducing. I guess it’s the level at which someone considers such minutia which determines which consequence results. (See: The Number 23, which is disturbing, dark, and not too entertaining… Nah, don’t see it.)

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