it’s bound to happen

pwntI feel obligated to inform my readers about possible developments in the Battlefield world, and I would be slacking if I didn’t comment on rumors. Apparently, a leaked document has listed some details of an unannounced Battlefield game which sounds suspiciously like a sequel Battlefield 2:

  • Release in late 2008
  • Powered by “Frostbite DX”
  • Set in year modern day
  • Will ship with 8 maps, each supporting up to 40-players per team
  • Two playable factions, NATO and MEC (Middle Eastern Coalition)
  • Same “ticket-based” gameplay style as before
  • Maps are mostly urban, based in Middle East
  • Squads and Commanders are present, introduced are “Battalions” which consist of three to four squads.
  • Five playable classes; Sniper, Assault, Engineer, Medic and Support
  • Will feature 48 different vehicles (24 for each faction)
  • Will feature 34 different weapons (17 for each faction) and another 22 unlocks (for both factions), in total 56 different weapons.
  • Other unlocks include different types of ammunition, body armor, helmets, camouflage and accessories.
  • Possible public beta in “Summer 2008??
  • Online stats tracking, awards and “real world ranks”
  • “Soldier” feature, looks like MMO-styled characters and avatars
  • Ranked servers will be available for resellers weeks before the game ships
  • In-game replay and recording feature
  • VoIP, friends list, in-game IM-client and “extensive clan support”
  • Built-in auto software updater
  • Widows Vista and OS X
  • Announcement and teaser trailer in January 2008.

Most of these features are either already included in Battlefield 2 or are very slight changes, which I suppose is not a bad thing (it makes the rumor that this game is Battlefield 3 seem more reasonable). Notable changes are the increased size of games (from 64 players max to 80 players max) and the omission of the “anti-tank” class. It seems they’ve gotten the terminology wrong in calling the grouped squads “battalions,” but that could be revised by the time the game is released. It remains to be seen how much of an impact this further subdividing of a team will have on game play.

Greater persistence and the ability to further customize your character would certainly be welcomed changes, but different types of ammunition and armor could prove frustrating. BF2 is hard enough without making you change ammo types based on what kind of outfit your opponent is wearing. But other than that, it sounds like a natural progression and will most likely have even prettier graphics and environmental physics. Hopefully it will be fun enough to write over the mistake that was Battlefield 2142.

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