just cabbin’ around

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Cash_bio.jpgI wonder if anyone has ever impersonated the Cash Cab? I think you could have a good laugh as a cabbie if you strapped some lights to the roof of your cab and just started shouting questions at people as they rode around in your cab. As you’re asking the questions, you’d need to be totally oblivious to where you’re driving, cutting people off and just generally driving down random streets. If someone won, perhaps you could pay him in Monopoly money, or just give him a check that’s sure to bounce. If he lost, however, you’d need to get really disappointed and kick him out of your cab – then just sit there shaking your head until he’s wandered off.

Better yet, I wonder if anyone has ever taken the real Cash Cab to get a hooker or go to a drug deal. Or just to cheat on his or her spouse. Ben Bailey doesn’t ask or tell – he just keeps the raunchier films for his personal collection.

One thought on “just cabbin’ around

  1. it’s great because very few of the contestants have ever heard of the show, so they’re just like “sure, whatever.”

    oh, and i saw a guy yesterday miss three straight questions and get kicked out with nothing. impressive.

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