11 thoughts on “let the masses perish

  1. ha, i hate ads like those. is anyone stupid enough to believe that people really give away something for nothing?

    i guess they’ve got to be, or such ads wouldn’t be so widespread. tards.

  2. well its not just that.

    every other time i’ve seen one of these banners, they’ve been almost true to life – hitting someone in the face, taking a picture of tom cruise etc.

    i’m willing to bet that a duck has never been on fire in world history – let alone flying while on fire.

  3. this email got into my inbox today, and i really can’t wrap my head around it. surely it’s some advertisement bot, but the link appears valid at the end (granted i haven’t visited it). What do yall think?

    “In the United States, with its 15,000,000 (circa 1960) Negros, descendants of African slaves imported into the country during colonial times and a period afterward, three distinct classes of them are discernible, viz (1) the pure Negro, the vast majority, who seldom can graduate from secondary school, (2) the Negro whose ancestors gained Hamitic or Moorish blood in their veins before leaving Africa, relatively few in number, and (3) the Negro whose ancestors gained White blood after their arrival in America. The last two classes, chiefly the third, supply practically all of the Negro students of our colleges.”

    Dr. J.C.D. Carothers, in an article entitled Frontal Lobe Function and the African in the Journal of Mental Science of January 1951 says that 10 years of experience in an African hospital for mental diseases led him to the belief that the African native of the Negro race in his natural environment is remarkably like a western European who has had the front lobes of his brain disconnected ( or like the “constitutional psychopath”) He is unable to see individual acts as a part of a whole situation and is subject to frenzied anxiety but is free from the more complex types of mental illness. He lives in the world of sound rather than of sight and behaves as if the higher centers of his brain were relatively unused. (races of mankind 1960)

    As far as psychological differences between Negros and Whites are concerned we have wished – and dreamed – that there were no such differences. We have identified this wish with reality and on it we have established a race-relations policy that was so clearly a failure that we had to appeal to distorting propaganda for it’s support. When that too failed we appealed to the legal machinery to do what nature was not content to do.
    As will be shown in the succeeding sections of this article there is ample evidence that there are psychological differences between Negros and Whites. More over those differences are today of about the same magnitude as they were two generations ago. These differences are not the result of differences in social and economic opportunities, and they do not disappear as the social and economic opportunities of Negros and Whites are equalized.

    -Kephart Races of Mankind

    ( [Rich Americans] Christians, Jews, and [homosexuals = Negro} use Negros as an excuse to be mentally incompetent, and corrupt..Jews, Amerikans and Christians bring Neanderthal back from the brink of extinction to justify homosexual globalization (Zionism) MB)

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