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futurama, (c) foxIt’s really quite amazing to consider how much someone can learn from the Internet. Just twenty years ago it was so much more difficult to obtain information about such a vast array of topics (without going to a…(shudder)…library). Copious amounts of information can be found so readily that it’s a wonder we aren’t all PhD-caliber citizens. It’s reached the point that primary and secondary education, in general, would be redundant if a child simply took the time to read up on his coursework online. There’s a lot of garbage out there, but resources like Google Scholar and Google Book Search can provide information that’s every bit as valid as what teachers convey in class.

Of course there are a myriad of drawbacks to only being educated online, not the least of which would be the lack of a structured learning regimen and the inability to be adequately assessed academically…oh, and let’s not forget the inevitably-ensuing social and cultural retardation. Still, people have been educated through the use of private tutors and the dreaded art of home schooling, and they have (sometimes) turned out all right. I would like to see the results of a child reared through Internet-only education, but I wouldn’t be daft enough to try it on my own child. He’d have to be educated enough to work my cryogenic machine and thaw me out when they discover the cure for whatever is about to kill me.

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