nature’s splendor

Here’s a treat for all of those who have followed my painfully amateur photography with bated breath. I have put up a gallery of my (mostly) nature photographs; the link can be found on the dancinglittleguy (misc) page.

Update: The nature gallery is now located here.

These are just my favorite pictures – I have dozens more which did not make the cut. Almost all of the pictures are presented in reduced resolution for your web-browsing benefit, but if anyone really cares about seeing a larger version, contacting me might yield results.

The vast majority of the pictures were taken in the temperate deciduous forests of the southern U.S. A few were taken in southern California. While most were taken with a Canon Powershot A620 (I think), some were taken with my cellphones, and therefore aren’t of the highest quality. Just overlook the fuzziness and/or muted colors to the beauty of the scenery involved.

Which pictures are my favorite, you might ask? Well I’ve already posted a couple, but I have a new favorite. It’s a lovely picture of an abandoned pier in a little pond, which I stumbled upon in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy!

(Note: I know you don’t really care.)

old pier

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