of all the seats

the simpsons, (c) foxWhy is it that with the multitude of empty seats in an auditorium-style classroom, the student with the poor hygiene and many annoying quirks inevitably sits immediately in front of you? He likely hasn’t bothered to shower in days, and his long hair is unkempt and oily. To further the frustration, the distance between the back of one seat and front of another is far too short, and his constant bodily grooming sends loose hairs and various waxes and flakes floating haphazardly onto your knees. Perhaps this isn’t bad enough, however… Maybe he opts to bring a computer to class so that he can play his RPG in the sanctity of the classroom without being bothered by phone calls from mom or constantly being kicked out of the dorm so his roommate can have some quiet time with a girl. Even better is when this person tries to answer every rhetorical question asked in class, usually falling short of a remotely correct response.

“Traditional” students – those who shower regularly, show up on time, take handwritten notes in class (or even just sleep) – will never leave the indelible memory such obnoxious (and sometimes noxious) people do. And that’s a damn good thing.

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