one invention down,21770,694388,00.htmlNow this is interesting: wireless power. I’m not clear on all the technical details, but what I get from it is that the inductive coupling utilizes magnetic fields and lets devices “feed” off of each other. What’s important is that only about 2% of the energy is lost, making it comparable to having a standard old power cord. But what’s even more important is that it’s high time something like this was invented, with all of the other wireless technologies so prevalent in our culture. Power cords and batteries are primitive – wireless is the future. And I called it:

The key here is that we need wireless electricity.

Congratulations to me for pointing out such a critical need in our society, and congratulations to Fulton Innovation LLC for making my dreams come true. Now, how many years before something like this is widely distributed? That’s for the consumers to decide, and I’m sure this is going to raise some of the same safety concerns WiFi has. But y’all better adapt fast, because I’m tired of all my stinking cords.

Check out for more details as they become available.

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