quality over quantity

I’ve come to realize that the smell of a tooth being ground away is remarkably similar to the smell of Fritos. Coincidence? I think not.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Dickdastardly.jpgHow did the word “fresh” become synonymous with “healthy”? Am I resigned to eating stale hamburger buns and moldy old beef just because I don’t want to go to Subway? Stop forcing me to eat healthy when all I want to do is eat fresh. Dastardly PR schemes.

Also of note: I went to www.fritos.com to try to figure out if it was Fritos or Frito’s. It turns out: Frito-Lay doesn’t even know. The title on the browser says Frito’s, but every other reference is Fritos. I think it should be Frito’s, but that seems less preferred. Whatever.

2 thoughts on “quality over quantity

  1. So is it frowned upon to druel into the patient’s mouth while grinding a patient’s teeth?
    I haven’t eaten in several minutes and frito’s sound delicious.

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