reefer for martians

The clouds part and a UFO comes down and lands nearby. A Martian approaches. The guy holds the joint out toward the Martian.

not_again.jpgI hope everyone has seen this splendid anti-drug commercial. Basically, the statement it makes is that if you do drugs, aliens will steal your girlfriend. Now I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to the existence of aliens – should I also be skeptical of the repercussions of drug use? How is this supposed to discourage me from getting high?

Maybe the alien is a figment of the stoned guy’s imagination. Is the girlfriend also such a figment? Perhaps the alien is just a normal man, stealing the druggie’s chick. Whatever the case, I don’t think this ad is even remotely going to dissuade anyone from smoking the occasional joint. It would probably be a better idea to stick with realistic negative effects, like showing the inside of that pothead’s lungs.

Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing the use of weed. Read this.

3 thoughts on “reefer for martians

  1. My impression of these commercials is that they are meant for people that are already on drugs. Whereas to a person who doesn’t do drugs, the alien analogy is far off. I think the makers are experimenting in subliminal advertisement for druggies.

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