small versions of adults’ve noticed a few things about little kids:

  • They’re always more interested in the games they create than the games adults create for them (ie. it’s more fun to run in circles screaming than to play soccer)
  • Environmental influences trump even their current circle games (ie. a plane flying over sparks dozens of questions)
  • If Child A repeats Child B’s name too many times, Child B will threaten to kill Child A with a knife (this may not be normal behavior)
  • A loose shoelace is cause for a complete cessation of behavior
  • A vertically-aligned net, no matter how obvious, will easily trap a child
  • Just when you think a kid is your friend, he’ll flick you in the shoulder
  • A house of grass provides only a few minutes of entertainment; destroying the house of grass provides a few minutes more

Though children each have unique personalities, most of those qualities are present in every child (though in varying degrees). By understanding children, we can better understand ourselves.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s not delivery – it’s DiGiorno.

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