squalor and sqldier

(c) Kendall Anderson, http://invisiblethreads.com/potd/collections/2005_fib/group_det.php?id=2005-fib-chg_07Living without the aid of a maid or other housekeeper can be fun, but it’s also hard work too. Consider this: I currently know the exact locations of no less than four roach corpses. Why, then, do I not rid my domicile of such waste? It’s a simple matter of personal comfort levels. If I am amble to successfully avoid the spots where I see these creatures, why should I lower myself to cleaning them up? This is not always possible, and I’m sure I’ll get around to picking up at least two of these little guys, but it’s just a matter of time.

There are countless other things as well. My toilet hasn’t been cleaned in…at least two months, and the shower curtain as well as the shower wall are both turning black from the friendly mildew. One must realize that I share this bathroom, so I feel less obligated to personally maintain strict hygiene levels. It’s not really so bad though, living in a state of self-induced squalor. It really gives you a lot more time to focus on the important things, like ensuring that your video game legacy is properly maintained by making a powerful and emotional montage.

Oh, speaking of powerful and emotional montages, be sure to check out the Battlefield 2 page for a couple of links to some first-class videos, courtesy of SQLDIER, ACTION_Gandhi, and the rest of Tards squad.

(For lazy people, here are the links:)

More installments are still to come, so keep checking the page – hourly, if possible.

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