stealing motorcycles someone can help me figure out why motorcycles don’t get stolen left and right? I’m not going to look up motorcycle security measures or the weight of the average motorcycle, but with it being so “open” it seems quite possible to disable any alarms and/or hot-wire the motorcycle. Failing that, it seems easy enough to just put the whole thing on a trailer and take off to mess with it later. There has to be something preventing this, so don’t expect to see me driving around scoping out motorcycle parking spots with the intent to steal. Curiosity will always be one of the greatest motivations for any type of theft, however, so if anyone wants to try to steal a motorcycle and report to me the difficulties in doing so (from prison), I’ll gladly listen.

Perhaps the greatest deterrents to motorcycle theft are the large size of motorcyclists and their indifference to doing hard jail time for attempted murder.

2 thoughts on “stealing motorcycles

  1. Just find a motorcycle you like, leave something hidden on it. Then track the person down, and claim the motorcycle by calling it Manifest Destiny

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