FIFA 07 can be pretty aggravating at times, but I think this was so frustrating that it’s actually funny. I was playing as Chelsea (the blue team) on the “World Class” difficulty level, which is the hardest one. Fresh off a corner and a good save from my keeper, this crap goes down. It’s a shade worse than what happened to us in the last World Cup, so brace yourself, because I’m pretty sure this isn’t legal (click the picture to download the video):


5 thoughts on “stoled!

  1. As a soccer ref, during one of the meetings, I actually asked about this kind of play. I was told this shit is illegal…but it’s sure enough right here in this game.

    So now I have to wonder…is this legal now but not back when I ref’d, or is this a shit job of programming?

  2. After reviewing the video…I’m gonna say it was a shit fuckup. The keeper goes right through the player as if this wasn’t possible…

    Oh, and the reason behind this being illegal was explained as such:
    Once the keeper has the ball in hand, the ball is “technically out of play,” but after discarding the ball, the ball is back in play. But the ball drop to the kick itself is still part of the discarding of the ball, and the infringing player would be penalized for “interfering with the restart of play.”

    Something like that…it’s been about 8 years since then, you know?

  3. That sounds perfectly reasonable to me. The game was just coded so that the ball was considered “back in play” when it was dropped to hit foot, and not after it left the foot.

  4. At least you got to kick him in the balls.

    also, wasn’t there that time the guy headed it out of the goalies hands in a game? Was that illegal?

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