streaming thoughts I was waiting for the new Woot to go up and dreading the appearance of yet another Roomba, I saw something large scuttle across the carpet toward my desk. It was a roach, solid black and about two inches long. I would’ve smashed it into the carpet but we’d just had it cleaned, so I nimbly grabbed the nearest available can of roach spray and doused him thoroughly. Instinctively, he wobbled around and found his way into my bin of random office supplies, making an inordinate amount of noise as he brushed past envelopes and papers. Eventually he managed to find his way back out, and I trapped him beneath my trash can, hoping he would die. Twenty minutes later he still wasn’t dead, so I had to spray him again, toss him into the trash can and then take the trash out. I assume he’s dead now.

I also had time to think about something peculiar…one rarely considers that he could be doing something for the last time. Take, for instance, climbing a tree. I used to climb trees all the time in my youth, sometimes for no particular reason. After having climbed dozens of trees, one day I must have climbed my last one. I don’t remember when, and I don’t remember where, but it must have happened. If I had known at the time that it would have been the last time I’d climb a tree, I probably would’ve played it up a bit more, or at least considered all the good times I’d had while climbing trees. Instead, I probably just climbed up, looked around, and climbed down.

Wait, I just thought of a more recent time I climbed a tree – it was a few months ago, and it was definitely the last time I climbed a tree. Well, the point remains, even if that was a poor example. Don’t just live every day like it could be your last; do everything like it could be the last time you do it.

And now the Woot’s up, and it’s a laptop cooler, which I actually considered buying earlier today. I might have bought one if I’d had more time to consider it – all 1500+ sold out in a couple of minutes. Oh well.

3 thoughts on “streaming thoughts

  1. i like to climb trees when im drunk. that’s pretty fun. climbed my last about a month and a half ago. two in the same night, actually.

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