thanks giving

Just because Thanksgiving is over, does that mean that we should stop giving thanks? After all, God is good all the time, and not just when something good befalls us individually. I certainly have trouble being thankful when there is no immediate and overt benefaction in my favor, but it’s important to remember that God’s will is not bound by our desires. Every day, something monumental may not occur to change your life for better or for worse, but the accumulation of many small blessings – most of which we will probably never recognize – plays a profound role in guiding us to His desired outcome. Even if nothing specifically happened for which you should be thankful, perhaps the lack of some circumstances is reason enough for thanks. Maybe you didn’t contract that disease, or get hit by that car, or lose your money in that pyramid scheme.

So today, I am thankful for those things which remain unseen, as well as that big life-changing moment. Hopefully next year I can be thankful for something completely different, like the Braves winning another World Series. 🙂

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