the final promotion?

Say hello to Captain ACTION_Gandhi! After fighting long and hard, through many bouts of spawn camping, stat padding, chopper whoring, and team killing, I’ve climbed the ranks and sit proudly above most mortal men. Sure, there are still seven ranks above me, but short of dropping out of school and dedicating my entire life to a video game, these are likely unattainable. It’s been a long time coming, and I’ll definitely continue to pwn n00bs casually, but I dedicate this promotion to my lack of interest in Battlefield 2142. If I had gotten distracted, none of this would have been possible. Also, here’s to you, Tards Squad – without you, none of my cheap tactics (camping on rooftops, glitching into walls, and so many others) could be fully-utilized. 🙂


One thought on “the final promotion?

  1. Damn right, tards made you and can certainly break you. well maybe not break, but dribble on you/gum your arm.

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