the joys of shortsightedness I sat down with the many, many ounces of Cinnamon Toast Crunch I eat on a nightly basis, it occurred to me: how futile is it to spend all of one’s time exercising (running, lifting weights, buying cocaine) just to burn off the calories from a simple ten minute meal? One dinner pizza can result in hours of painful exhaustion…Food really isn’t that enjoyable. But this isn’t the only thing that people do which results in exponentially more pain than satisfaction: STDs from a one-night stand, hours of painful headaches from a single night of partying, 25-to-life for a racial slur. Are we doomed to have no foresight? Even monkeys can understand the repercussions of their actions.

I’ve written all this by dictating to Microsoft’s speech recognition program in Windows Vista, and it’s taken me quite a bit longer than it would have if I had just used the keyboard. Just the same, Vista’s here, and I like it. I’m just going to dictate his license one time and see if their program gets it right – no corrections.

“I’m just going to dictate this last sentence one time and see if the program gets it right – no corrections.” Not bad, Microsoft.

5 thoughts on “the joys of shortsightedness

  1. I am writing this message with the dictating tool that comes with vista. it kind of sucks…

    I’m running this message with the dating told icons of this to it kind of stuck

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