tough love’s entry (edit: link removed) has motivated me to do my own. I couldn’t let this little gem slip by.

The other day, I was shopping with my girlfriend at a local grocery store. We were passing a woman who had a child riding in her shopping cart and I was oblivious, but my girlfriend told me to look at the baby.

This baby had a black eye.

Honestly, it was a blatant black eye and over a week too early to be a Halloween costume. Now, all I know about punching babies has come from Dane Cook; apparently, certain sounds cause a baby-punching reaction in humans. I’m not sure what sound caused this baby’s eye to receive such a pounding, but how enraged must someone get to decide that the reasonable action is to punch an infant? I probably should have called child services or something, but I just bought some milk instead. The kid seemed happy enough.

On second thought, there must have been a semi-plausible explanation – who would take an obviously abused child out in public? It’s perfectly possible that the kid just fell directly on that side of his face…


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