twice in a blue moon

Fresh off my surprise yesterday, a very similar event happened again… This time, the illegality seems to be even more blatant. It’s strange that this would happen two games apart, when I’ve played almost 200 games in FIFA 07 so far and never seen it occur until now. Regardless, FIFA 07 is riddled with programming mistakes that marr the experience. The only real alternative is the Winning Eleven series, and it lacks the official FIFA license and presentation found in FIFA 07. Perhaps this is a good time to complain about EA Games’ stranglehold on the athletic games market. They push out the same game year after year, whether it’s Madden football, FIFA soccer, or the recently-deceased MVP baseball (I know they have a basketball game too but I don’t care about it). I wish some other developers would come up with a competitive product to make EA start working again… Click the picture below to download the video.


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