up, up, and away

“When the moment is right, you’ve gotta be ready.”

http://cruelanimal.blogspot.com/2006_01_15_archive.htmlSo I’m glancing at the TV and there’s a Cialis commercial on. Two old people are sitting in separate bathtubs, facing some beautiful scenery. Interestingly enough, these bathtubs are fully outdoors, seemingly far from any other modern structures.

OK, so maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, but I don’t think sexy trips to bathtubs in the middle of nowhere just “happen.” There had to be a conversation about this. The guy probably had to get his sons to help him load a bathtub into his truck, and then when they finally got the tub out there, he probably tripped on a rock and the tub slipped a little bit, so his older, rebellious son probably scoffed at his feebleness. Then they squabbled and the younger son got pissed off and said “Are we doing this today or what?” And the older son felt a little bad and hugged his dad, and then they got that tub all squared away.

But then they needed another tub, and they had to call around a little bit and tried to find one that looked just like the other one, and had to get that one out there and then the boys left and wished Dad good luck. He probably had to trick his wife into going, because she didn’t want to be naked outdoors. Then when they finally got out there, the bugs were probably biting and they had to wait for a suspicious yokel to wander off before finally disrobing.

My point is just that these things take planning, and there’s plenty of time to get everything in order “down there” well before you have to…perform. When the moment is right, you should be ready – especially if the moment takes so much planning.

9 thoughts on “up, up, and away

  1. clearly wrong.

    this is obviously some feature of a remote bed-and-breakfast type resort (initially, i thought, upon seeing the commercial, somewhere in california… although inspecting the still more closely seems to indicate some sort of tropical island).

    besides, even if the guy did go through all this bullshit work to get stuff together — particularly when his wife is old and unattractive — he could use all the help he can get.

  2. “this is obviously some feature of a remote bed-and-breakfast type resort”

    you really think it’s more likely that they’re at a resort than in their own tubs in the middle of nowhere? think outside the box, man.

  3. Clearly Scott was right. Daniel is just being ignorant, because he wished he thought of it first. Pathetic attempt, Daniel. Simply pathetic.

  4. Brint: Or the way Hansel combs his hair?
    Meekus: Or like, doesn’t, it’s like, ex-squeeze me, but have you ever heard of styling gel?
    Brint: I’m sure Hansel’s heard of styling gel, he’s a male model.
    Meekus: Uh, earth to Brint, I was making a joke.
    Brint: Uh, Earth to Meekus, duh, okay I knew that!
    Meekus: Uh earth to Brint, I’m not so sure you did cuz you were all ‘well I’m sure he’s heard of styling gel’ like you DIDN’T know it was a joke!
    Brint: I knew it was a joke Meekus, I just didn’t get it right away!
    Meekus: Earth to Brint…

  5. good point, amanda.

    is he waiting for the moment to be right for him to jack off, alone, in his separate tub?

  6. What this picture doesn’t tell us is that Cialis causes temporary impotence in men and women, thereby diminishing their sex drive. Being in the same bathtub with someone whilst plagued with impotence would be aggravating at very least.

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