watch out for a twist

the simpsons, (c) fox“You can’t argue with the little things; it’s the little things that make up life.” – Hank Scorpio

Little things have a way of accumulating and having profound effects on your life. Sometimes these little things don’t mean to have such an impact, and other times they don’t even want to, but it nevertheless occurs. Take posting interesting and/or controversial topics on this site, for instance. One thing leads to another and eventually more and more time has passed between updates. It’s not that I’m lazy or unmotivated, it’s just that…I’ll finish that thought later.

Where are all the utopian societies? America started out pretty cool, but it’s far from “utopian.” And don’t throw Canada out there. I’m talking about a society in which pants are completely optional, books get burned, and you can shoot anyone who looks at you cockeyed. Throw in some good old fashioned Christian values, slap a flag on it, and live happy. I suppose something like this couldn’t last because no one would do anything productive, but that might be all right if everyone just did enough to keep himself alive for a while.

Here’s an interesting paper on the utopian elements of a particular episode of The Simpsons (one of the best episodes, actually). If I’m too lazy to read it all, I’m sure you’ll be too, but I couldn’t pass up the relevant link.

2 thoughts on “watch out for a twist

  1. if you can eliminate hate, then you’ll have it…

    //if you got hate in your heart let it out white power

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