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http://www.komar.org/hulk/adt_security/I just saw an ADT home security commercial, and it made me sad. A middle-aged woman was talking about how she got ADT because her neighbor’s house got robbed. That’s all well and good, and ADT even responded to a fire she had in her house when she was away at a meeting. But then she said that ADT managed to save the most important thing in her house – her dog. The next shot had her sitting happily with her dog, knowing that her two-story house and well-groomed lawn were protected.

What a lonely life she must lead. One of two things must have happened to have left this fairly young woman alone in such a large home. The first involves her family’s fiery death in an airplane crash, and the second involves her newly-wed husband being driven away by her workaholic nature. Clearly, she needs ADT for her peace of mind so that the one living being she hasn’t alienated – or buried, as the case may be – is safe.

Come on, ADT. Lay off the depressing ad campaign.

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