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I’m a little pissed off. My original Xbox has been completely out of commission for a year or so. It pissed me off at the time, but I had already gotten an Xbox 360 by the time it completed its death so I quickly got over it. But lately, the 360 has been having issues. It craps out when loading from the disc drive and says the disc is dirty or damaged…it does this on brand new, perfect discs. Some games are worse than others, probably due to the way they’re designed to load data. I’d love to get it fixed, but it’s out of warranty and would likely cost about $150. And now there’s this.’s the legendary black Xbox 360 – now known as the Xbox 360 Elite. What’s different, you ask? It’s got an HDMI port (for high-def audio and video output) and a 120 GB hard drive. It’s supposed to be quieter and cooler, but if it doesn’t yet have the new 65 nm processor in it, it doesn’t seem very “elite” to me. Of course, it could all just be an early April Fool’s joke, but a revision is definitely reasonable and none of the listed features are outlandish. But the bottom line is – it’s rumored to cost $479, which is too much for simply including three times the hard drive space and sticking a new port on the back. I would’ve liked to have seen a built-in HD-DVD drive (especially for that price), but apparently Microsoft isn’t confident enough in HD-DVD’s ability to overcome Blu-Ray to include such a drive (which would only benefit movie playback). Wi-Fi would’ve been an easy new feature to incorporate too, especially if they could stun consumers and provide tighter Zune integration.So now I’m pissed for several reasons:

  1. This supposed new system costs too much and offers too little extra.
  2. The current system configurations should be cheaper by now.
  3. My 360 shouldn’t be crapping out on me so soon – its predecessor lasted longer, though it did die completely and without warning.

I’m probably going to have to end up replacing my system eventually (probably before Halo 3)…I’ll hold out for price drops, rather than new, more expensive systems.

11 thoughts on “xbox 360 l33t

  1. you might have the 3 red lights of death. if so… call microsoft they still may fix it for free. they did with mine. and that the new 360 zyephor. (still roumor.) and besides the 120gb hardrive i really couldnt care less, you dont hhave an hdtv, not that i know of… so you shouldnt care about that either.

  2. I do have an HDTV at my mom’s house…but it doesn’t have an HDMI port. I’ll have a new TV one day, which will undoubtedly be loaded with HDMI ports, so that would be convenient, but not necessary.

    The 120 GB HD will be an option too, but it’ll probably be close to $200, which is crazy.

    I don’t have the 3 Red Lights of Death – I would’ve mentioned that. The system’s lights never go red at all. I really don’t want to deal with tech support insisting that my discs are actually dirty before saying that it will cost me hundreds of dollars to get a refurbished system.

  3. well, give tech support a try anyway. they where really freindly with me. just be nice on the phone and they may be nice in return. and tell them before they have time to insist, that you are useing a brand new very clean disk.

  4. Screw the PSP…a hardware update won’t fix its crappy game selection.

    BUT a thinner PSP with a different cartridge/flash card format for games would be far better than the current offering (UMD?).

  5. My 360 hasn’t died yet. I’ve had it since June and I’m just waiting. Like everyone I know who has a 360 is watching theirs die. but then again the same thing happened with my PS2. everyone i knew had a dying model, while mine lived 4 years and JUST died because i knocked it off my shelf (oops).

    Do you need a HDtv for the HDMI stuff? Because I got a newer TV (only a couple months old) with a TON of extra slots to plug A/V cords into and i dunno why.

  6. Hmm, that’s a good question (whether or not only HDTVs have HDMI ports). I have a feeling the answer is yes, but I’m not positive. Many new TVs have at least some level of HD output anyway (often 720p) so the HDMI port is becoming fairly ubiquitous.

    Here’s an HDMI port (circled in red):

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