xbox fall update I’ve updated my Xbox 360 with the hopes of being able to stream DivX files from my computer, and of course it’s not going to work precisely the way I want it to. The Xbox has five different ways to play video, and DivX and Xvid are only supported through three of the methods. The big problem is that it’s not supported through Windows Media Center, which, conveniently, is the only way I can make my Xbox recognize my 500 GB network hard drive.

Effectively, this means that I still can’t stream movies to my Xbox. Granted, it’s far easier to watch movies on my Xbox now, since all I have to do is copy the files from the network drive to the “My Videos” folder on my laptop, or to a USB drive and plug that directly into the Xbox. Still, the lack of Media Center support for DivX is just inconvenient enough to cripple the process. I think the situation can be remedied by picking up a simple USB hard drive which can then be daisy-chained to the network hard drive or directly connected to the Xbox.

After preliminary testing, the video appears to stutter at times and the sound gets choppy when a lot is going on, but the Xbox does play DivX files without the need for time-consuming conversion, so I’ll take what I can get. I glanced at the other new features but there’s nothing else in the Xbox update that really gets my attention.

Oh, parts of the Xbox dashboard now have a “twist” interface similar to that found on the Zune, and it works very well.

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