you only live once

Things I hope to see in my lifetime:

  • Genetic engineering gone awry
  • Killer robots/machines
  • Nuclear war
  • homeless man rise from the ashes to become President
  • A meteor strike (or ice age)
  • Biologically-implanted computers
  • Teleportation/instantaneous matter transfer (or at least hover cars)
  • The end of the antiquated and ineffective university system
  • Another Atlanta Braves World Series victory
  • Tasty new candy
  • Cures for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s…all disease
  • True virtual reality video games/holograms
  • A man with only one arm win an arm wrestling championship
  • Man colonizing other planets (or at least the moon)
  • fighting alien bugs on his colonized planets

I know some of those things might sound pretty bad, but they’ll probably occur sometime in our future, so I’d rather die knowing that I witnessed some truly important history. Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen so far is a woman born with another little woman stuck to her head. That’s just not going to cut it.

4 thoughts on “you only live once

  1. I’d pay to see that baby-combo thing grow 10 stories tall and go on a rampage in NYC or something.

    btw, i played a harvest moon game for the first time in a year. 😀 i played AWL. and ya know what? i came to HMWorld looking for some help, but someone never completed the awl section 😛 luckily there was this AWESOME FAQ there. totally wish i were the author…OH WAIT! 😀

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