you’re an impostor! is one of the coolest things I’ve heard in quite some time: a guy has been making calls to various county offices posing as David Beckham and pretending to arrange charitable events for children. The concept is just so stupid it’s brilliant. Apparently his accent is spot-on, and the guy’s done his homework because he can drop the name of Beckham’s agent and carry on a level of conversation pursuant to that of the real star. He even called the sheriff’s office and was going to swing by give some receptionist a sweatshirt, but his schedule must have gotten a bit too hectic because he had to hang up when they asked him about necessary security precautions.

I don’t know what would be better: if this was some lunatic who had so much time on his hands that he just wanted to add to Beckham’s already enormous fame and reputation for generosity, or if this was actually Beckham himself. I know that if I were famous, I’d certainly consider impersonating myself on the phone.

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