#1 in the ratings

I think if I had any sort of news show on TV, be it political, sports-related, or otherwise, I would start a revolution in the industry. Before each commercial break, I would end by wrapping up what I was currently talking about. This simple change would be vastly different from the now commonplace practice of devoting 45 seconds pre-commercial to introducing what is “coming up after the break.” Oddly enough, this would give me an extra 45 seconds to actually talk about something, rather than just spew out something meaningless that will be expounded upon when the viewer returns.

My other radical departure from the norm would involve my reporters. Instead of carefully crafted dialogues in which the reporter knew exactly what the anchorman would be asking, they would actually have a real conversation. The anchor, therefore, would need to truly pay attention to what the reporter was saying and be able to formulate questions spontaneously. The reporter, in turn, must know something about the subject so that he might enlighten both the anchor and the viewer. And he would end his report in truly radical fashion; instead of a dry closing consisting of name and location stated with standardized inflection, he or she would finish by saying, “doesn’t that beat all?” or an equally witty quip. Oh, and I wouldn’t make the anchorman do anything pointless while the camera pans away before the commercial, like typing on a laptop or jotting notes on a legal pad. I’d just stop filming.

Allow me to close by saying, “Who’d have thunk it?”

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