a little spring cleaning

I was cleaning out my drawer when I found the most upsetting thing I’d ever seen. I’ll warn you, this made me so sad that I can’t even describe it in words, or include a thumbnail of it. I’ll just link to the picture here, and let you figure it out for yourself. What a waste.

I also found something not quite so depressing. It’s also something that I won’t include a thumbnail of, but take a look and then I’ll explain…read on if you want to spoil the surprise.

Those are two of my toenails, each from my big toe. They got pretty messed up when I was playing soccer and eventually fell off, so I saved them for years and now I’m sharing them with the world. Note that the dark one was every bit that dark when it was still attached to my toe. That dried blood made my foot pretty unique.

And last but not least, something I’ll include a thumbnail of:


Apparently that’s what mustard looks like after it’s been sitting in a drawer for a few years. As you can see, not only is it far from yellow, but it has attained a strange consistency only describable as the gunk that builds up in the corner of your eye during the night. It’s all in the name of science.

2 thoughts on “a little spring cleaning

  1. especially the mustard, i’m sure.

    man i’ve still got phone directories from middle school in that drawer. tons of high school stuff though.

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