baby ain’t got no daddy

© Copyright 1994 - Universal Pictures - All rights reservedI thought the world was coming to an end. I thought we were at the forefront of an epic change, a new Renaissance that would see the world turned upside-down. Then I found out it had had a sex change.

I’m referring, of course, to this incident. This “man” claimed to be the first “man” in the world to become pregnant. When I first heard about it, I thought of something along the lines of Children of Men, that movie I’ve never seen. I thought about surgeons painstakingly repositioning his organs to make room for a uterus and fallopian tubes and ovaries and all the other crap. I thought of hormone therapy and…actually, I thought, “yeah right.”

So this is really just some chick parading around with her newfound manliness, claiming to be a dude and sitting in the limelight because she’s really just going to be the ugliest woman to have a baby. She won’t be able to nurse it, she won’t be able to let its smooth skin caress her beardless face, and she won’t be able to sing it sweetly to sleep (unless she stopped short of messing around with her vocal cords, which I doubt). This is a sham. And here I am feeding that woman’s publicity machine…Post aborted.

6 thoughts on “baby ain’t got no daddy

  1. Broken link


    I think it’s a rather cool concept. They’ve proven that women can have children without male fertilization. I would think of it more as a proof of concept than the norm. I would never have it done, but it could prove to bring happiness to gay male couples who seek to have a child with both parents’ DNA!

  2. Hmm, that link worked 15 hours ago. Stupid news sites.

    The woman did need male fertilization, of course. This is no different than normal in utero fertilization. They injected sperm from an anonymous donor into a woman who had had a sex change to become a man, but still had intact female reproductive organs. I fail to see how that would let two gay men use their DNA to make a child.

  3. ah. I found an article about this.

    I thought that the guy was a “true” guy. I didn’t realize that ‘he’ had a sex change operation. I thought that it was a guy who had been fertilized somehow.

  4. My bad…first of all, I thought the link would continue working. Then I guess I didn’t make it clear enough in my post. But yeah, nothing new here. Which is why I think it’s stupid.

    I changed the link accordingly.

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