check her twice proof that women are whores: one out of every four teenage chicks has an STD, and 15% have more than one. A recent study has found that nearly half of the African-American women tested had at least one STD: HPV, chlamydia, herpes simplex type 2, or trichomoniasis. You’ve gotta like those odds. I couldn’t find the actual study itself – all I could get was this article – but I’d love to know where they got this smattering of infested females. The number seems high, even given the nature of the average “easy-rider,” and I find it hard to believe that they took evenly from girls of all walks of life, or from different regions of the country.

Still, it’ll make you think twice before bunking down with Aiesha, even if her trichomonad couldn’t survive in a male. And if you’re going to get a prostitute, at least ensure that she’s been imported over state lines from a classy escort service.

4 thoughts on “check her twice

  1. I just got done with my sceicnce class and I can attest that I know about sciences of women.

    Scenario 1.
    You want to put a baby in her, but don’t want her clap or various vag smears and warts. All you have to do is make sure you’re putting the screws in from an upward angle. That way, the warts and std juicez can’t creep up (gravityy). In conlcusion, get on top and pump it.

    Scenario 2.
    You want no baby. This is where people get confused and try to do things like “wrap it up”. This is nonsense. I konw I’m not the only one who’s tired of strapping my shit. So here’s what you do. Mkae the whore get on top, then when you bust the nut, you’re making sure none of your fun gun’s nectar is giving her babies. (see science book pg. 69). Gravity saves the day again! (Thanks to Sockratease for inventing it.).


  2. chlamydia can give you lots of painful and itchy moments so always practice safe sex.*.~

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