crime, punishment, and punch

Just for the sake of argument, if someone was standing at the state line urinating and his urine fell from State A, where he was standing, into State B, would he be charged with public urination in State A or in State B…or both? Which brings me to my second question…if someone is fully clothed in State A but has a certain part or parts of his or her anatomy (probably his) unclothed and dangling over the state line into State B, is it public nudity in State A or in State B? I certainly hope these are the kinds of questions that are asked of pre-law students in our modern society.

www.punchbrothers.comWhen I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, this is the kind of stuff I think about. Or I listen to good music, as is the case recently with the release of the Punch Brother’s album Punch.* For those unfamiliar with the Punch Brothers, it’s a band started by Chris Thile from Nickel Creek, along with some other guys I’d never heard of. Their first album is a pretty impressive piece of work; you can hear some previews on their (shudder) MySpace page, though that doesn’t really do it justice. The second movement of The Blind Leaving the Blind is probably my favorite part of the album. Here’s a good description:

Although long passages of The Blind Leaving the Blind are purely instrumental, Thile also sketches the story of his marital breakup and its aftermath through impressionistic lyrics that fall somewhere between a confession (directed, variously, to his listeners, to his ex, and to God), and an impassioned, late night, barstool soliloquy.

It’s not for everyone, but it almost feels like classical music…unlike some music, you don’t feel dumber after having listened to it. And that’s a good thing.

* What a transition from pissing in public to tasteful music!

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