death by door

This is pretty old, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here. A little over a year ago, I opened the door to my garage and noticed something odd near the hinge. On closer inspection, this is what I found:


Yes, that’s a frog smashed pretty well, but that imprint that he’s left on the far side of the door frame isn’t the most impressive bit of the situation. This is:


That sucker was crushed completely flat. What is the significance of this, you might ask? Only that frogs are completely and totally compressible. I thought it looked like something out of a cartoon, as though he’d just received an anvil to the head (and he was not carrying an umbrella at the time). He’s still there, if anyone has a hankering for some paper-thin tree frog legs.

Note: this was not done on purpose. Only one frog was harmed, not counting the emotional suffering to which his family was subjected.

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