do you believe in gosh?

For those who have just narrowly survived the most recent hurricane strike, some good cheer is in order. Unfortunately, some of us now have to face the prospect of an exam on Monday, a quiz on Monday, an exam on Tuesday, and an exam on Wednesday. But what better way to prepare, or unwind, than with a posthumously-released comedy album?

Nothing says “funny” like jokes being told by someone who would be dead two short months later. I am speaking of none other than the late Mitch Hedberg, who has managed to release his third (and final?) album from beyond the grave.

Don’t get me wrong…the jokes are good, and the delivery is classic Hedberg. Thrown into the mix are plenty of moments where the listener can do nothing other than grin and shake his head at how “corny” a joke is, but it’s impossible to be upset with Mitch and his off-kilter style. His previously-unreleased material is great in places, rivaling some of his most classic one-liners.

But there are times when I felt sorry for Mitch. He jokes about how few fans attempt to see him after his shows, and about how he plays it off when he’s doing an autograph signing and no one comes by. And then there’s the end of the CD, which arrives somewhat abruptly and leaves the listener wanting more. Oh the parallel…

Here’s to you, Mitch Hedberg, and your get-rich-slow scheme that still makes us smile.

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