git yer nuts (and more!)’s actually possible to have a failing business in the midst of a town with a thriving tourism industry. On my trip to Tennessee, I witnessed this firsthand at several shops. The most obvious example was a little nook that had quite a disparate array of items for sale. It started innocently enough by specializing in nuts – pecans, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, etc. Apparently the proprietors realized that nuts might be a risky concentration, so they decided to expand. So they also sold strollers. All right, I don’t necessarily see the connection, but maybe someone walking by with a kid on his shoulder was allergic to nuts but needed the means of kid conveyance. At any rate, nuts and strollers it was.

But there was one more curiosity this shop managed to stock: they sold peculiar, unique “animal crossing” street signs. There was just a shelf of them, but my favorite was the “turtle crossing” sign. I’ve struggled to devise a situation that would see a customer buying a bag of nuts, a stroller, and a “raccoon crossing” sign, and I’ve come up empty. In fact, I think they’d be lucky to sell a single one of those signs to someone looking for nuts. I just think they’re two different demographics entirely. But maybe that’s my lack of business expertise talking.

For the sake of anonymity, I didn’t take a picture of the shop or even notice its name, but I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t “Floyd’s Nuts, Strollers, and Animal Crossing Street Signs.” To be fair, there was also a shop that specialized entirely in magnets, so maybe you can succeed by targeting a very specific group of tourists.

3 thoughts on “git yer nuts (and more!)

  1. i wish i had bought something from the lighthouse man…so i could have left my money under the rock

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