going 19% of the speed limit

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but today I spent an hour and a half driving 17.8 miles. There was no construction, and no wreck immediately involved, and yet…cars refused to move. I suppose it’s one of the many things you become numb to when you’ve lived in a big city for a while, but for the uninitiated it can be truly maddening. What’s more, the final portion of the trip – 5.4 miles – took nearly 50 minutes to traverse. It was easily the worst part…I could’ve gotten out of the car and run the remaining distance with time to spare.

I was trying to make it to a soccer game; it’s a physically painful experience to miss minute after minute of playing time while surrounded by stagnant traffic. But the truly fantastic part is that I got there literally¬†just in time to see my teammates leaving – defeated by five goals. I don’t think the trip would have been nearly as epic if I had made it five minutes earlier (in time to see the very end of the game), or if I had come five minutes later (when everyone had left).

I simply cannot¬†understand how, even though there are so many cars, we couldn’t move forward at a quicker pace. I remember wishing at the time that I could see a satellite view of the traffic flow…what were they doing? Were those in the lead vehicles getting out to play croquet in the street? I doubt this problem existed when horse carriages were gallivanting around.

I don’t think I’ll be leaving an hour and a half before my next game, but I will know not to go the same route. I may even splurge and pay to take the toll road, if only to save a tiny bit of sanity.

5 thoughts on “going 19% of the speed limit

  1. Avoid 75 during rush hours at all costs man. It’s never worth it. Taking residential roads is faster than interstate traffic in Dallas during rush hours. Any fool with half of a monkey brain knows this.

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