have you not heard?

I pity those who are just now hearing about the word. The word was on a Pringles commercial years ago. More importantly, the word was an integral part of the Battlefield Vietnam soundtrack over four years ago. There were few things more satisfying than driving around the Vietnam countryside in a Jeep blaring “Surfin’ Bird” from your speakers. Every resulting death at the hands of well-alerted Vietcong warriors was satisfying and deserved. But for those who still have not heard the word:

2 thoughts on “have you not heard?

  1. battlefield vietnam… what a terrible game. this song is pretty bad, too. I can just envision some nubcake jamming to this in a jeep while his asswipe friend mows me down with an m60 from 2 miles out driving 80 mph riding shotty. Just thinking about it gets my blood pressure up.

  2. oh i agree with all of that. remember those maps they had with the underground tunnels? so frustrating.

    i loved those little metal caltrops that killed you if you stepped on them. bleeding out through the sole of the foot, i suppose.

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