here’s to you, guy

Remark overheard from the belligerent, intoxicated fan near the end of the game:

Where the f*** are all these people going?

Reply I wish I would have given, had I no fear of bodily injury:

Why, good sir, since you are in a most stuporous and befuddled state, clearly enamored with spirituous drink, I shall endeavor to inform you that the event is nigh unto its end, being that only four minutes remain in this final quarter of the match. Moreover, possession of the integral game-piece has graciously been recovered by the “home” squad, and they, also controlling a greater overall points total, have firmly established a nearly insurmountable differential. It is with the greatest care that we now depart this frigid affair, particularly to avoid any lamentable collisions with inebriated fellows, such as yourself. Fare thee well.

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