his mind is the ultimate weapon

the simpsons, (c) foxThis is just preliminary information, but it’s certainly worth sharing: apparently there’s a big screen adaptation of MacGyver in the planning stages. Anyone who grew up in the mid-80s or early 90s and didn’t experience MacGyver didn’t have much of a youth at all, and people who, for whatever reason, missed the episodes when they were originally run should head to CBS.com to watch them for free.

Anyway, the creator of the series, Lee David Zlotoff, has said that he owns the rights to a MacGyver movie and is putting plans in place that would revive Mac for his first true movie (not counting the made-for-TV stuff) – according to Gizmodo. It’s far too soon to tell if this would mean seeing someone other than Richard Dean Anderson reprising the role, but it would have to be a surprisingly compelling movie if they didn’t bring RDA back (and, for some reason, I couldn’t imagine the writing being spectacular).

The only reason I’m writing this is to put one more bit of information about the movie on the web, thereby increasing the exposure to potential viewers and, hopefully, increasing the likelihood that the movie would get formally under way. But it’s a coincidence that this news was recently mentioned, because I just got done watching an episode from my MacGyver DVD collection in which he helps a little girl in Bangkok recover her stolen dialysis machine, while at the same time reuniting his bounty hunter friend with his estranged son.

Those who have seen MacGyver may find these YouTube videos mildly humorous – they’re called “MacGyver: The College Years.” The first one’s probably the best, but there are four of them. Only watch if you’re very bored.

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