I wish my name reflected my country of origin. It’s so cool to have people knowing where you’re from just by hearing your last name. This is especially useful in the world of soccer (or football). Take, for example, Semih Senturk, who is – oddly enough – a Turk. Or Petr Cech, who’s from the Czech Republic. I guess “Joe Americanman” just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Alas, it’s now time for an anecdote:

the simpsons, (c) foxJust a few short hours ago I was outside when I heard an odd noise coming from the swampy area of my yard. I went over to investigate and found something fit for the Discovery channel. It was a thin garter snake, possibly a ribbon snake, and it had just captured a tiny toad. The toad was squeaking for its life as the snake held it aloft and proceeded to choke it down whole. Its gullet filled, the hunter then slithered off with a bulge in its midsection.

I hate snakes. I find tiny toads much less offensive, probably because they hop rather than slither. It was still rather stunning to see “the circle of life” in action; it’s altogether different than seeing a snake feed in a zoo or terrarium, but not as cool as seeing a bear. Now, seeing a bear feed on a snake that’s feeding on a toad…that’d be a sight to see indeed.

It’s a cruel world we live in.

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