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Recently I had an issue with Inspy – I overheated the graphics card playing Company of Heroes and ended up corrupting my video memory, leading to permanent artifacts on my screen. Luckily I had opted for the three-year extended warranty. After the convoluted procedure of contacting Dell and arranging a service call, they first replaced my screen (which of course didn’t fix the problem) and then decided to replace my video card. Problem solved!

The beauty was that my new screen was so bright and crisp. I figured it was a different brand than the original and I felt lucky to have gotten it for free when there was really nothing wrong with my original screen. Now, several weeks later, I regret that I didn’t get my old LCD put back on.

pic-0068.jpg   pic-0069.jpg

As you can see, the whole left side is starting to dim. This started a while ago and it was so faint that I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but now it’s gotten significantly worse and I no longer think I’m crazy. A quick search of Dell’s forum found someone reporting a similar problem, and apparently my screen is failing. So I’ll have to deal with Dell support again, and get another screen put on. Hooray for quality refurbished products – and hooray for investing in an extended warranty.

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