keep it – it’s yours

I hate deceptive business practices – not because they’re deceptive, but because they cost me money. For instance, I have an account for downloading audio books. I’ve used it a few times, mainly while I was working, but now I don’t have a need for it so I’d like to cancel. Fortunately, they have a convenient system in place to automatically renew my account when it’s about to expire. So I go to their site to find a way to cancel before my account is renewed, and there’s no visible way to do it.

I place my hope in their rudimentary “FAQ” page and I manage to find an entry about cancelling accounts. It’s a detailed process, but retracing my steps takes me right back where I’d already tried to go. So I see this picture on their FAQ:

Looks easy, right? Well it would be, but this is what I see on my page:

Oh, that’s tricky. They’ve told me to click an invisible link! Looks like they’ve got my $10 again, and it was well-earned. Time to try to contact them directly if only to voice my frustration at their cunning deceit.

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