more like crystal suck’m not sure how the new Indiana Jones movie has garnered any significant amount of praise, but without giving any spoilers away, let me just say that it’s a fairly large waste of time. Taken on its own, I suppose it contains an adequate amount of action and excitement, but it can’t be compared to its predecessors. The writing is mediocre at best, the dialogue is far from witty, and the story itself…ouch. Harrison Ford is still OK, but he can only do so much with the material he’s given.

At least they toss around a lot of references to let you know it’s an Indiana Jones movie. The crystal skull concept was a decent direction for them to head (no pun intended), but overall this movie could’ve gone straight to video. It tries to maintain a throwback feel but there’s nothing about it that’s particularly alluring.

Instead of watching this old series with an old actor, rent “Rambo” in a couple of days. Now there’s a revival that’s not disappointing.

Best line from “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”:

It’s a portal!

3 thoughts on “more like crystal suck

  1. “Where did they go? Space?”

    “It was probably a rapier”

    *monkey scene*

    *gopher/refrigerator scene*

    *fucking whole movie scene*


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