new xbox experience

The new Xbox 360 “experience” arrived today, promising some new features but mostly just a drastic overhaul of the interface. I haven’t had too much time to mess around with it, but I crafted a stunning likeness of myself in avatar form and then discovered that he could do a few tricks. One of the least-documented, but easily most useful, additions to the new software is the ability to make your character burp:

Despite this brilliant usage of code, they still can’t make the Zune do anything phenomenal when interfacing with the Xbox, and – more annoyingly – you still can’t open up a “now playing” screen to choose which song plays whilst in a game. Still, the new Xbox Guide screen (mini-blades) is very sharp, and the entire system looks and feels much better than it did before.

Thanks for the free revitalization, Microsoft. It’s not really a game-changer, but it’s a generous gift indeed. It should open up some new doors and hold everyone over until the next system comes around.

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