no night after “nightcrawler”

pete yornMan, you’ve gotta stay on your toes if you want to keep up. Apparently there was a Pete Yorn song up on his MySpace page that I’ve already missed out on – “Favorite Song,” and comments were favorable, but now it’s gone. He’ll probably treat it like he did “Old Boy,” and add it back eventually. But right now there’s another new song up, called “Stronger Than,” and it’s pretty good. I’m not going to advocate anything illegal, but it may be possible to download the MP3 (at 192 KBPS, theoretically) using this method. Remember, this is just theoretical…in theory. 😉

Excerpt from Pete Yorn’s “Stronger Than”:

Love is stronger…
Stronger than fear
I could love her…maybe next year
Love is stronger…
Stronger than fear
Gotta know myself before I know someone else
I think I never been in love
Oh, maybe once when I was younger
I see what they were speaking of
Oh, maybe next time I’ll know better
Can you make me happy? No no no
Can you make me sad?
I gotta know myself before I know someone else

For those who haven’t heard “Old Boy,” also by Pete Yorn, it was released on a compilation album a couple of months back. You could buy the whole “Green Owl Comp,” but it’s probably loaded with garbage. You could just buy the MP3 from Amazon, but it’s listed as “Album Only.” Same goes for the Zune…I can’t check iTunes because I don’t have it installed (nor will I ever). But here’s a tip: you can buy the song on its own for $0.94 from none other than Wal-Mart’s music store, for some reason. Maybe they didn’t get the memo that it was supposed to be album only.

Whatever the case, it’s available as a 256 KBPS MP3, totally DRM-free, and a glorious way to spend a buck. It’s not that “Stronger Than” isn’t good, but songs like “Old Boy” are rare.

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