on the field of battle

promotionWell I never thought it would happen, but now, during finals week, I have attained what is surely the “final promotion” (witness my previous two attempts here and here). Yes, I picked up a bit of Battlefield 2 again (studying makes a man do strange things). There will be time to regret it later, but apparently I’m a Lieutenant Colonel now, or something…sweet. Still, unless I’m playing this game for another two years or so (not likely), this will be it. Surely BF3 will be out by 2011…surely. However, there does appear to be at least some new life in store for those who have suffered through BF2’s glitching and hacking for so long.

We also found a new way to piss off teammates (something we thought we’d mastered): get in a vehicle, flip it upside-down off a cliff, and let a teammate shoot you once. Then sit in the back with a couple of engineers and fix that flaming car; the teammate will continue to receive team vehicle damage as long as you’re repairing, and you’ll get unlimited repair points. It’s a lovely system that should be implemented more often – we got the guy down to less than -100 points in a matter of minutes. Note: some servers don’t allow “disrupting team-play/teamplayers.”


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