pickin’ on the shins

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000QZW1NI/ref=mu_dm_alb_dp?ie=UTF8&qid=1229107525&sr=8-1I couldn’t resist commenting on this…On Zune’s Marketplace I discovered “The Bluegrass Tribute to The Shins.” You can hear some 30-second previews – or even buy the album – on Amazon. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. I’m not opposed to bluegrass music in principle, but whenever you hear such familiar songs played on quickly-plucked banjo strings it’s instantly humorous.

The singer is what makes the largest impact, however. His distinctly country accent is instantly recognizable and is so divergent from Mercer’s characteristic vocals that one cannot help but laugh. It really indicates just how vital the lead singer is to determining whether or not a song is enjoyable. I wonder if I would like these songs if I’d never heard the original Shins renditions?

That’s enough of that. Time to listen to the real Shins.

8 thoughts on “pickin’ on the shins

  1. i know you just try to disagree with everything that i say, so i’ll let it slide and point out that you truly do appreciate the shins. i know you do.

  2. while you’re entitled to your opinion, i believe you are mistaken.

    “new slang” is indeed quite good. also top-notch are “caring is creepy,” “pink bullets,” “saint simon,” “the past and pending,” and “phantom limb,” and to a lesser extent “girl inform me,” “girl sailor,” “gone for good,” “kissing the lipless,” “so says i,” and “those to come.” i suppose those are the only ones really worth listening to, but out of three CDs that’s not a bad collection of songs at all (especially since all but two come from just two CDs).

  3. I’ve listened to at least half those titles, and can, with my opinion, say that they blow an inch and a half(1.5″) of camel dick.
    now if you want some awesome ear-tingling pleasantries, you should look into sufjan’s rarities. such as “God’ll Ne’er Let You Down,” “Waste of what your kids won’t have,” and “The first full moon.”

  4. I tried to be civil about this, and you had to bring the camel dick into it. I’ll just state that you’re wrong and leave it at that.

    I have that first Sufjan one and it’s good, and the last one and it sucks, but I’ve never heard of that other one. Try “Opie’s Funeral Song.”

    – Just got “Waste of What Your Kids Won’t Have,” and it’s pretty good. Not as good as some of those Shins songs you dismissed. Also got a song called “Far Physician’s Son,” which isn’t bad, and pretty fitting for this time of year.

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