silos needed

What better way to celebrate not working than to download a classic video game legally, and for free? EA is currently giving away Command & Conquer: Red Alert as a download on their website. If you pre-order the upcoming Red Alert 3, you can also get Red Alert 2 for free.

Red Alert was one of the best real-time strategy games available in its day. Those who haven’t played the game in years would do well to take advantage of this offer and relive the glorious battle of the Soviets versus the Allies. Even if one does not particularly care about the game itself, the videos played between campaign levels are top-notch in quality.

I still recall the lengthy dial-up modem games and the selection of baud rates that frustrated me and my friends consistently. Red Alert was one of the main reasons we had a second phone line set up at our house, and I lost many hours attempting to create the perfect multiplayer map. Thank you, Westwood Studios (now engulfed by EA).

RedAlertZone 2 is still hosted on this server, believe it or not.

3 thoughts on “silos needed

  1. that’s close to the actual res the game was played at. 😉

    nah i spent a couple of minutes lookin around for a picture and it’s hard to find RA screens. red alert 2’s a bit easier.

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