some noise…more to come

Summer was gone and the heat died down,
And Autumn reached for her golden crown.
I looked behind as I heard a sigh,
But this was the time of no reply.

– Nick Drake (“Time of No Reply”)

It’s time for an obligatory music update. Those who haven’t been keeping up with all of the best bands may have missed my post half a year ago about upcoming releases. Let’s see how it turned out, shall we?

Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friends (from Coldplay) turned out to be better than expected, but still too political and characterized by overt activism (and forced rhyme). Narrow Stairs (from Death Cab for Cutie) was a disappointment across the board. The Weepies’ Hideaway was as good as expected, with some catchy lyrics and heartfelt melodies. Peter Bradley Adams has further established himself with leavetaking – an album nearly as good as anything he could have made if he were still a part of the eastmountainsouth duo. And Jon Foreman’s seasonal EPs left a bit to be desired, even if each had at least one worthwhile track.

That brings us to the present. Around the bend, we have the following new albums, in the order of their importance:

  • Joshua Radin Simple Times (9/30) – His debut album was nothing short of brilliant, to borrow a term from Mr. Lipton. I would expect nothing less from this follow-up, but I am prepared to be let down, as always.
  • Snow Patrol A Hundred Million Suns (10/28) – Coldplay just finished proving that a decent album can be made with an awful title…now Snow Patrol attempts to do the same. By and large, their albums have not been top-tier, but their most recent album (Eyes Open) was a step in the right direction, and they’re always capable of producing a memorable song or two.
  • Damien Jurado Caught in the Trees (9/09) – I’m a sucker for a good album title and attractive album art usually seals the deal. Damien Jurado has had albums that have ranged from downright depressing melodrama to outright headbanging rocker, so the only indications of where this album will end up are the aforementioned aspects. I have high hopes.

Those are the only finalized releases I’ve seen. Speculation will ensue over when Third Eye Blind will get around to releasing The Hideous Strength; it’s been pushed back several times. The Goo Goo Dolls just released a second “greatest hits” album, but are supposedly working on new stuff; more exciting is the fact that Pete Yorn is undeniably working on new music (his MySpace page says so). Perhaps Sufjan Stevens has something up his sleeves for later this year?

Writing stuff like this would make me feel like a “blogger,” if there were a real word for such a thing.

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